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  • Are there any yearly contracts?
    There are no yearly contracts with Fuego. You pay as you go month by month or on a per transaction basis.
  • How does Delivery Integration work?
    It's simple, sign up with UberEats or DoorDash if you are not a customer yet. Send in a request to the Fuego support team to turn on integration for the locations you want and we will coordinate with UberEats and DoorDash to start sending orders directly to FuegoPOS. Your orders will show up on your KDS screen and print out like your normal orders.
  • What about my existing merchant account and Credit Card payments?
    We are not a merchant portal, we work with credit card processors like FirstData and to process payments for our customers. If you love your merchant processor we will integrate with them as long as they have an API for us to use.
  • Do I have to activate all modules if I choose the enterprise edition?
    No, you don't have to activate all of the modules. You can activate modules as you like once you subscribe to the enterprise edition.
  • What is Power BI and why would I want a power user?
    Power BI is a monster of a business intelligence tool right at your hands that allows you to visualize your operation in ways that you never imagined. Adding a business intelligence tool in any other system would cost tens of thousands of dollars, not here. And a power user allows you to create your own dashboards and reports to view and distribute to your teams. How is that for control?
  • How many terminals can I use with the standard subscription
    You can use up to two terminals and one KDS screen with the standard subscription. Additional terminals are $20 per month for POS terminals and $10 a month for KDS terminals.
  • I don't want to lose my historical data, can I keep it?"
    If you are moving from a legacy system and would like to keep your data, just give us a call. We have worked with a great number of existing POS systems to import your data and keep that historical data available for you.
  • I have an operational reporting system like Ctuit, can I keep it?"
    Yes, we integrate with reporting systems like Ctuit to provide them your POS data so that you can keep your current reporting system in place. Just let us know who you are using and we can work with them to continue your reporting needs.
  • How does your API work?
    Our open API allows your partners that are currently using your POS data to plug into Fuego so that they can retrieve data from all of the modules that you are using from straight sales data to time punch data to ensure you can continue to use third party systems that you currently work with.
  • I use Olo for online ordering, can I continue to use them?"
    Yes, we will work with your current online ordering system to ensure a smooth integration of your orders with Fuego. If you use another online ordering system just let us know and we will work with them as well.
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