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Fully integrated and partnered up

Delivery Integrations

Control your menu from the admin and have delivery orders submit straight into FuegoPOS. Orders will print instantly like normal orders or appear directly on the KDS. Have control at your fingertips by updating delivery pick-up time, calling a courier, or cancelling an order straight from the POS.

Additional Integrations

Improve your FOH and BOH processes with additional integrations that FuegoPOS offers. Set schedules and communicate with team members, or benefit from the inventory and financial tracking that is part of the system.

Payment Integrations

Choose your payment processor from out extensive list of available merchants or keep your own! We are always ready to integrate additional features that will provide you with what you need to succeed.


Leveraging over 15 years of software development we have built extensive relationships with some of the best in class services that restaurants use. From delivery partners like UberEats and Doordash to industry stalwart's like HotSchedules and NetSuites. 

Two way communication

Our partner integrations allow us to both receive and when necessary share data with our partners. Whether it's sending ream time punches up to HotSchedules or receiving real time orders from UberEats and Doordash, our cloud based API means all of your POS data talks to all of your mission critical systems in real time.

Easy setup and maintanence

Fuego's cloud based POS means that you can manage partner integrations from the admin portal. No longer deal with local agents running on local servers and installations with firewall issues. All you need are partner specific API keys and credentials and you are all set.


Partner inquiry

If you have a restaurant system and are interested in joining our partner program just drop us a line below and one of our partner specialists will contact you to go over details of our partner program.

Thanks for inquiring!

FuegoPOS's partner integration program is reserved for partners that have web based API secure connections. Our cloud based architecture provides communication to our POS system only through our Cloud API platform. Submitting an inquiry does indicate an agreement to work with a potential partner.

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