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An app that's changing the POS game

Ease of use is the name of the game. A terminal designed as an app for today's workforce, making training almost a thing of the past. Not only is it easy to use it's also easy to install, just download the app!


Featuring contactless solutions


Cash drawer management is the tracking of sales made once the drawer is started easily allowing different drawers to be calculated throughout the busy day.

Total menu management includes the ability for modifier upcharges, delivery upcharges, required modifiers, and real time 86'ing of menu items across all platforms that you offer.

Boost customer engagement with discounts, gift cards, and loyalty. Keep guests coming back with complete control at your fingertips.

Accept multiple payment types or split the bill in one streamlined process. Allow the customer to give a tip and pick their preferred receipt type. 

Take payments anywhere with Fuego's bluetooth card reader or if you prefer less hardware you can always accept manual payments at no additional cost.

Manage order history with the ability to directly view day's orders and re-print receipts or refund transactions if needed. Full control right from the device.

Employee tracking with each sale recording the employee logged in and easily enable the clock in/out feature from the device.

Control app settings like hardware connection details, enabling kds, cash drawer management, receipt types and more so that each device can be uniquely configured on the fly.


Including all the extras you didn't know you wanted

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