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Say hello to our newest feature!

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All of your delivery orders submitted directly to Fuego from partners like:


No more beeping tablets!

No more manually entering orders into the POS

No more missed orders

No more incorrect orders

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This means happy customers!

Happy customers mean repeat business.  We know that all it takes is one incorrect order and you might lose that customer forever.  Not to mention having to refund the order in some cases.  With direct integration, those issues are a thing of the past.

No more juggling

And because the integration is built-in, you don't have to enter menu items into the delivery partner sites.  The menu from Fuego flows directly to the marketplace.  No more juggling of data over different platforms.

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With Admin access all of your information from anywhere

Manage all of our features from one powerful tool, Admin. Accessible from anywhere in the world, all you need is a web browser. So whether at home or on the go from your mobile device you can add, update, inactivate or look at real time sales.  

With banking level encryption you can feel good about managing your locations from anywhere.

  • Multi-level security for shift leads, managers and owners.

  • Easily switch between locations.

  • Real-time sales and labor information.


With our Admin mobile site you won't get lost looking at tiny letters and boxes.

  • Full feature site, anything you can do at your desk you can do on our mobile site

  • Optimized to use mobile selection tools

With our standard features you get more than you expect

Below are all of the standard features that are included with our base price.  Our delivery integration is included in the standard features because now more than ever, delivery from partners like UberEats and DoorDash is essential to all restaurants.

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Delivery Integration

Seamless integration with third party delivery partners.

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Reporting Portal

Anticipate trends and see real time data of your operation using our web based reporting portal.

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Employee Management

Easily create and edit clock times with added security of permissions per job.

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Menu Management

Centralized menu management and inventory management, all in one.

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Cash Drawer

Keep track of all cash activities with end of shift reporting and tracking.

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Kitchen Display System

With our tablet based KDS place your screens where it makes sense, not where you can run a cable.

Plus all of these other standard features:

  • Customer facing tip page

  • Split payments

  • Real time reporting

  • Email receipts

  • Centralized menu management

  • Electronic signature capture

  • Offline mode

  • And more...

Online ordering should always be this simple, one system, one menu, your customer

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With our mobile optimized online ordering module whether your customers are ordering on a PC or on their mobile device on the go it's as simple as it get's.  Add an email address with an opt-in option and you have an automatic marketing engine!

  • No third party integrations

  • Orders are delivered real-time

  • Accurate orders every time

  • Own your customer information

  • Manager from Admin

Gift cards are a great way to attract new customers

With our on demand pricing, pay only for what your customers use.  With our included transactions you might pay nothing, that's right, nothing.

  • Tiered use pricing

  • Manage gift cards from Admin

  • Custom gift card designs

  • Turn gift cards into digital customers

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Loyalty rewards helps you keep existing customers

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If you haven't heard, loyal customers who keep coming back to your locations are the key to your success.  With a robust loyalty and reward system not only do you learn what your customers like and don't like but study after study shows that if you reward them, they will keep coming back.

  • Keep track of spends at restaurant and online!

  • Auto rewards and redemptions.

  • Custom campaigns for holidays and special events.

  • Send email's to loyal customers to keep them coming back!

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