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Fast Casual with
Fast Emphasized

Streamlined ordering screens make taking orders fast and easy. With our app based interface it also means that training time is almost non-existing.

Eating Hamburgers

Make customers happy with fast order taking and accuracy

A modern approach to point of sale systems FuegoPOS is easy to use to help accelerate your business.

Rapid change screen to update order items

Optimized order workflow for accurate item entry

Use Fuego Mobile for line busting, shorter lines equals happier customers

Built In Third Party Delivery with UberEats and Doordash

Partner orders submit straight to FuegoPOS for you guessed it, faster and precise delivery customer orders.

No third party vendors to deal with

Accurate orders with automated menu syncs

Manage orders from the Fuego KDS screen, change expected delivery time or cancel orders


Online Ordering for more sales

Easily publish your menu to an online ordering site that is your own without having to create from scratch, creating more opportunities for sales.

Commission free online ordering

Manage online ordering item availability from one place

Cross sell menu items and related menu items for higher online check averages

Helping you spend more time running your restaurant 

and less time managing your POS


Integrated KDS to manage all of your orders from one place

 Update pick-up time of delivery provider

 Cancel a delivery order for whatever reason

 86 menu items across all platforms instantly


Built in loyalty system to reward customers for their patronage

Email customers directly with loyalty point information to get them coming back for more

Keep track of loyalty spends vs. regular spends

Engage customers with new promotions and campaigns


Reliable terminals you can customize and count on

Android based terminals that can take spills and drops

Super easy to configure and manage terminals

Multi-configuration terminals for all types of counters and set up

Pricing that works for you

Whether you are starting out with one location, have multiple locations or are a large enterprise with hundreds of locations, we have a plan for you.


Single locations who need a combination of either one terminal and a KDS screen or two terminals to get started

$0 to start*

+ processing fees

Two terminals included. Additional cost for other terminals/KDS screens and/or printers*


Growing restaurants that need additional multi-location support and tools

$29 / month

+ processing fees


20+ locations with additional enterprise tools for managing inventory and employees across multiple units

$49 / month

+ processing fees




If you're open we are here to help

Self help options online

Dedicated support number*

*dedicated support may incur additional cost

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